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    Frequently Asked Questions

    December 26, 2013 • classes • Views: 4320

    Q. Can I transfer missed classes in a course to the next course. A. No, If you book the course it is only for the six weeks advertised. Q. What Should I wear to class? A. Comfortable training clothing. A vest top, crop top or fitted t-shirt. A long Skirt,

  • Reptile 2013 #5

    Gothic Belly dance – Dancing in the London Goth clubs – by Darkstar Dance

    December 4, 2013 • Articles • Views: 8563

    Gothic belly dance / dark fusion (whichever your preferred term) is a passion of mine. For me It’s not just about the music and costume styling that resonates with me. It’s also the fact that I feel there are no boundaries within my dance. I can