Belly Fusions Festival Paris Jan 17-19th 2014

Darkstar will be once again performing and teaching in Paris for the Bellyfusions Festival

Darkstar will be once again performing and teaching in Paris for the Bellyfusions Festival

Belly Fusions Festival 2014I am teaching 2 workshops and performing in the gala show at Belly Fusions Paris 2014 –

Artists gala show

Darkstar workshops -

Slinky and Serpentine Darkstar Style

Saturday the 18th January 2014 – 3.00pm/5.00pm

Captivate your audience through the power of dancing slowly. It must be powerful and dynamic while still being exciting for your audience to watch. Do you struggle to create this kind of dynamism in your routines ? Do you find yourself moving from one slow move into another and failing to create a piece that not only represents you as an artist but keeps the attention of your audience too ? After drilling movements repeatedly Darkstar will teach you a routine that represents her own personal style of slow dancing and musicality with not only strong powerful hip and muscular movement but broken up with some quick turns and footwork to hold your audience’s gaze.


Belly Poppers

Sunday the 19th January 2014 – 3.00am/5.00pm

Darkstar is the innovator of a new fusion style of dance she has dubbed “belly popping”, a fusion of belly dance and popping with a darker aesthetic. Despite being from very different worlds, these two dance styles share many facets such as their use of internal body control and muscle isolation, whilst both having a very strong stylistic ethos. Coming under the umbrella term of Street Dance, popping originated as one of the original funk styles from California in the 60s & 70s and is often performed in street ‘battles’. This workshop gives you an introduction to popping  and teaches you how to fuse this with your bellydance in an exciting and explosive routine.  Let the belly battles begin!

Level: Advanced – Professional / Is Advanced level for those with 4 years’ experience or more.
Accessories: –

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