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Hard hitting with a dark urban edge, Belly-Popping is fusion of Darkstars very own style, an upbeat blend of street dance popping fused with sinuous belly dance. Despite being from very different worlds, these two dance styles share many facets such as their use of internal body control and muscle isolation, whilst both having a very strong stylistic ethos.

Dancing to dark and dubby beats we loosen and up and break down movements through drills, combinations and fun through learning follows on naturally. Fast, funky and a little bit dark enthasis is not only placed on evolving strong dance technique but developing stage presence with plenty of sassy swag and tude. We pride ourselves on being a friendly welcoming and supportive group so come along and help us get the party started . Let the belly battles begin… :)
The studio has floor to ceiling mirrors and sprung floors.class 3

Wear comfortable clothing you can move in and wear trainers or a jazz shoe if you would like to. Yes you can keep your belly covered.

This course is strictly limited to only 8 dancers so you are guaranteed plenty of support from me your tutor :) Book onto Belly-Popping now so you don’t miss out or take both Belly Popping and Tribal Fusion and get 10% off when booking –  I hope to see you there! – Darkstar

Movements you can expect to be covered in class;

Popping, Waving, Tutting, Robotics, Funky footwork, Powerful and graceful arms, Rapid hip work, Beautiful turns and traveling steps, Challenging but achievable layering, Smooth and sinuous hip and upper body movement, Fierce and sassy stage presence, the ability to confidently blend the two dance styles and become a belly popper

This course is for you if;

  • You are a belly dancer wanting to try something different or develop a stronger and more diverse technique

  • You are a female popper wanting to add in a touch more girl and sassy into your popping.

  • You have no previous dance experience but would like to have a go and improve both your fitness and body awareness.

  • You are supper shy and would like to join a small and friendly class who can help build your confidence and develop your dance from scratch.

  • You love to wear black and show off your tattoos! We love to see your body art :)

Want to know more about Darkstar? Read her full biog here
Or read about Darkstar’s dance evolution in her own words here

(I am not currently teaching my weekly classes, please sign up to my mailing list for class updates and workshops)

Still unsure whether to book? Why not see what my students have to say below.
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“I just love Darkstar’s classes and workshops.  She is an inspirational teacher, who always teaches unique and creative techniques in a fun atmosphere,.  Every move or combo is explained welll and she always takes the time to ensure that everyone learns, correcting in a supportive way as you go along.  I find that I remember far more from Darkstar’s workshops due to her teaching style, which I am then able to put into my own work helping me to develop as a dancer.” – Caroline lerrigio
“Darkstar is a fabulous, talented and inspirational teacher. I haven’t met anyone more passionate about dance. She pushes me to work harder and challenge myself. I love her classes; they are energetic and challenging but most importantly they are fun with some awesome music! I have learned so much from her; self-discipline, confidence, perseverance and musicality in dance. Thank you so much!”
Renja Salonen
“High energy, structured, explosive classes packed with killer content is what you can expect when training with Darkstar. She is an incredibly skilled technical dancer with an electric stage presence and strives to pass these skills on to her students. I was amazed at how quickly my knowledge and technique built up over time. I was also delighted to develop a contoured waist that I have not had for over 20 years! Training with Darkstar has equipped me for performance and really improved my fitness to boot.” – Nilmini Francis
“I’ve been lucky enough to have had Darkstar as a teacher & mentor for the last few years.  The professionalism, skill & variety you see in her first class performances translate to her tutoring; with her trademark emphasis on technique, style, motivation & originality … with a dark twist! I have learnt so much, and she always manages to pull something new out of the bag for her excellent workshops. Who knew learning, drilling & working up a sweat could be such fun?” – Brenny Lewis
“Kerry is a fantastic teacher with well thought out structured classes and workshops, focusing on technique which is perfect for both dancers new to tribal and those who want to improve.  I love Kerry’s choreographies which are challenging but exciting to learn and perform.  She is an inspiring teacher and I highly recommend training with her to take your dancing to the next level.” – Natasha
“Awesome classes, good fun but also challenging.  Darkstar really pushes you and gives you individual feedback (in a nice way ; ) so you can identify your weaker areas and work on them.  Its a great mixture of drilling and working on individual moves to improve technique AND working on choreographies and exploring things like musicality to improve performance skills.  Plus its a super friendly class and great music!” – Kate Bowgette
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