Happy New Year

A Happy New Year to you all! Looking back on 2013 it has been a busy year for myself in dance and I have had some amazing times with some real highlights at Belly Fusions Paris, The Theatrical Belly Dance Conference New York, Gothla UK and Dark Britannia UK to name a few so if you are looking for cool events for 2014 then check these out as you are sure to have an awesome time at any of them.

2014 is set to be another busy year for me and I will be kicking it off at Festival Belly Fusions in Paris which I have performed at in previous years and is always a friendly and inspiring event. It has not one but 2 amazing shows and I can’t wait to be teach my workshops ‘Slinky and Serpentine’ and ‘belly Popping’
Later in the year other international events I will be taking part in will be Lumen Obscura in San Jose a deliciously dark event and Evolution Dance Theatre, an exciting show telling the story of  taboo and tradition through dance.
I’m looking forward to seeing many of you in 2014 if not at these events then others along the way but for now check out last years highlights at the Belly Fusions show, my first stop on my 2014 dance adventures.
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