Hire me to teach

class pics MK 1I love to share dance through teaching, whether its for complete beginners or advanced professionals I have workshops to cater for all levels of technique. I offer workshops from tribal fusion, gothic and dark fusion and belly popping. All my workshops incorporate a theatrical element as well as technical  for the full training package for all budding performers. Come train with me, allow me to be part of your dance growth and lets set new goals together. Here is a list of workshops I can offer, please contact me for full descriptions

class pics belly fusions 1Vampire Hoodies

Ghetto Goths

Shape Shifter

The Bone Rattler

Belly Popping

Robotic Fluidity

Rock Star Belly Dance

Slinky and Serpentine Darkstar Sty-lee

Fast and Furious

Shimmy Shocker

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