New York New York! Theatrical Belly Dance Conference 2013

New York 4I was so happy and excited to be offered a performance slot in the opening party at Drom for the Theatrical Belly Dance Conference in NY. I never thought I would be given the opportunity to dance in New York City let alone in the biggest belly dance event in NY so you can imagine how happy I was to be given such an awesome opportunity for my dance CV.
From my initicial invite it all seemed so far away (as these things always do) and before I knew it, it was the end of August and a mad dash to tigh up loose ends in admin, teaching and packing before boarding the plane for New York. After landing at JFK and negotiating the subway it was time to grab a bite to eat and hit the sack ready for Thursday, performance night!
The Thursday evening Opening party took place at Drom in the Greenwich village area. I liked that area very much, it had a really cool vibe with loads of very rock n’ roll bars which I would later find myself in 😉
New York 3After arriving at Drom my rehearsal done, it was time to get ready and we were informed there was a que around the block for people to get in, that’s pretty much when the nerves take hold if they haven’t already, heh.. Back stage I had finished getting ready and that’s the point when you start to look around and realise the talent and caliba of dancers around you. I was performing my Woman in Black piece, a piece based on a classic English ghost story and I just had to remind myself that I knew this routine, it’s one of my favourite pieces to perform currently and so far it has always been well received. First half of the show was finished and from backstage it sounded like a great crowd, well with such awesome dancers, good food and drink how could they not be having a good time, right. Interval done, second half started it wouldn’t be too long to now.New York 2
Waiting on the stairs the dancer before me has finished and suddenly I find myself on a blacked out stage, the smoke machine hisses as it billows out fake smoke and i wait in silence for my music to start. I feel a shift in my energy, the spot light brightens and I begin to hear a growing wind and the haunting sound of a child’s voice that begins to tell the story of The Woman in Black. I feel different now, nerves gone, I’m calm and ready to deliver my performance as I channel the shadow side of my dance. The child’s music box starts to play and I slowly turn to face my audience. My time to dance is now.. Hello New Yorker’s 😀
Unfortunately I don’t have a video of my Women in Black performance at “The New York Theatrical Belly Dance Conference” but this is me performing the same routine in Montreal Canada for “Cabaret Danse Macabre”
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