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Hire Darkstar for your performance.

Reptile 2013 #6Whether its for your corporate event, club night, party or theatre stage Darkstar can offer you a powerful and enigmatic performance that will mesmerise your audience and set the stage alight. Having performed extensively in the UK and internationally, highlights including London, New York, San Francisco, Washington DC, Las Vegas, Montreal, Toronto and many more throughout Europe and the US. A sought after performer and a master within her field Darkstar offers performances from the dark and theatrical, to a hard hitting edgy street style or a glamorous serpentine Hollywood goddess.

Not sure exactly what you want from a performance? Choose from my listings below or contact me with your ideas and lets collaborate! If you really want to impress your party with the power of numbers then why not check out my group Team Darkstar for a truly exceptional experience.

Darkstar - Danse Macarbre 2012 2Dark mysterious Gothic

Come and explore a darker style of dance in this intense theatrical exploration of dark gothic drama fused with dance. Whether performing a Victorian ghost story or a journey into nightmarish fairy tales these performances are emotionally charged with exciting routines that will have your audience holding their breath throughout.



Vintage Vamp Glamour thebellydancer

If Dita Von Tease did belly dance this would be it. Slow, smouldering with a deep intensity and cat like movement, think Zigfield Folies this is pure Hollywood glamour and like any stage vixen it comes with bite!


_DSC2194bBelly Popping

Hard hitting with a dark urban edge, Belly Popping is an upbeat blend of street dance popping fused with belly dance. Fast and funky it’s sure to pack an exciting punch, a real party starter with plenty of sassy swag and tude. Bring it on!



Serpentine Siren Darkstar Sharon MK Hafla2

Mesmerising and hypnotic yet fierce and powerful Serpentine Siren is the essence of dark tribal fusion. These routines celebrate a sinuous style mixed with the precision of fast muscular movement and a goddess like intensity throughout the performance


Team Darkstar Glamour

Bring a sassy glamour and serpentine movement to hypnotise your audience with Team Darkstar and we will bring our show to a crescendo  with an an upbeat big band bang.

Camden Glamour 1

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