Fan veils for Beginners & Improvers – December 1st

Date – December 1st
Time – 4.00 till 5.30pm
Venue – Pineapple Dance Studios (studio 5)
Langley Street Covent Garden
Closest tube – Covent Garden / Leicester Square / Holbon

This workshop is suitable for beginners and improvers.

0S3A0841Why choose fan veils..
Join me and lets rock that prop through the art of fan veils!
This beautiful prop is a joy to dance with, floating through the air it is a stunning extension to your dance. Learning to use fan veils can give you an exciting new dimension to your performance and is a great way to create a whole new act for your dance repertoire. Mastering  fan veils can be a truly expressive way to add a light, delicate ethereal quality to your dance. In contrast the fan can be worked to create a strong, powerful, fierce or even flirty characteristic, it simply depends on the music you choose. Fan veils are a great way to work out the arms and core of the body as well as gaining greater flexibility and flow through your dance.

What to expect in class..0S3A0817
In this workshop I will explain all the tips and tricks for handling your fan veils followed by a series of intensive drills using both open and closed fan techniques to get you comfortable with the handling of your fans. Once we have developed our understanding of the fan veil and the way in which it works we will practice our new moves through mini combinations.  Some foot work will be incorporated to demonstrate to students how we successfully layer the fan veil over our dance routine. Those students with some previous fan veil experience will have the opportunity to execute some basic turns for that extra challenge. 
I would love for you to join me on this brand new beginners workshop to explore the art of the Chinese fan veil. This 1.5 hour class is all about working together from the ground up, having some fun and developing our dance skills and self expression with this beautiful prop.

0S3A0825Choosing your fans..
Aside form using the fan veil as an extension of your dance it makes a great accent to any costuming with the variety of colours which are available. Choose a fan to match your costuming or one that acts as a contrast when when ordering make sure you purchase a pair of fans, one left and one right handed. If you have yet to purchase a set scroll to the bottom of this page and check out some of the links below to help you (I am not associated with these links they are simply to help you source your fans so please address all inquiries directly to the seller.)

fan2Class size limited to only 12 spaces..
Working with any prop always requires more space within the dance studio so that students have freedom to move and get the best out of our time together. For this reason places are strictly limited and on a first come first serve basis no exceptions.
Take advantage of this early bird price at £23 when booking before December 1st – £26 on the day if space is still available.
Please note that Pineapple charges an additional day membership/door fee of only £2 on a Sunday which is to be paid on entering the studio. Membership details can be found on line @

By purchasing this course you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions – Goods and Services policy – Strictly no refunds so please do not ask.


Where to buy your fan veils..
A few places you can purchase fan veils – please contact the seller directly I have no association with these sellers.

Belly Dance Boutique
Zaras Zouk



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