Prop Rock! Fan veils – December 16TH – Sold Out!


Time – 4.00 till 5.30pm
@pineapple Dance Studios
Studio 2
Langley Street
Closest tube – Covent Garden – Leicester Square

Join me and lets rock that prop through the art of fan veils!
This beautiful prop is a joy to dance with, floating through the air it is an extension of both dance and spirit. Learning to use fan veils can give you that extra dimension to your dance expression and is a great way to create a whole new act for your dance repertoire. Mastering  fan veils can be a truly expressive way to add a light, delicate or a sensual quality to your dance while in contrast the fan can be worked to create a strong, powerful, fierce or even flirty characteristic within your dance routines.

fan 1Fan veils are a great way to work out the arms and core of the body as well as gaining greater flexibility and flow through your dance. In this workshop I will explain all the tips and tricks for handling your fan veils followed by a series of intensive drills using both open and closed fan techniques. Once we have developed our understanding of the fan veil and the way in which it works we will then learn a short choreography to demonstrate to students how we successfully integrate the fan veil within our dance routine.

I would love for you to join me on this brand new workshop exploring the art of the Chinese fan veil. This 2 our class is all about working together from the ground up, developing our dance skills and self expression with this beautiful prop as an extension of both your dance and costuming.

Working with any prop always requires more space within the dance studio so that students may learn in the best way possible. For this reason places are strictly limited and on a first come first serve basis no exceptions.


Take advantage of this early bird price at £23 when booking before December 10th – £26 there after if space is still available.

Please note that Pineapple charges an additional day membership/door fee of only £2 on a Sunday which is to be paid on entering the studio. Membership details can be found on line @

By purchasing this course you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions – Goods and Services policy



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