Team Darkstar’s Fairy Gig 13th July 2013 – Written by Angie May

Down the Rabbit Hole..Faery 3

Wow what a day Saturday was!! as some of you maybe aware team darkstar perform and spellbound festival in my old home town of Edmonton. For those of you less informed then our loved ones (who would agree they were probably over informed) this is a yearly family friendly festival with music, Stalls , entertainers and our favourite garden friends fairies, and the odd grumpy gnome around.

We arrived about an hour before we were due to perform and went to check out the performing area. After discussing it we thought we would ask the fairy overlord if it was possible to perform at one of the music stages instead while the bands we changing over. She agreed, But there was a slight catch we had to get changed in 10 minutes and be ready to go on.. We scurried over the changing area like white rabbits and quickly slipped into our costumes and discussed the formations . While still frantically fiddling with our costumes we headed back over the stage, Handed the cd over, Disbanded our cover ups and was walking onto the stage before you could say melted belly dancer. In fact we were so rushed a certain person went on stage with sunglasses.. SO TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL!! haha..

faery 2Despite the rush, The last minute formation changes and several bits of escapee costuming we all got through without falling down a rabbit hole like Alice and wonderland. As we came off stage we manage to attract small crowd of admirers who wanted to find out more about classes and if you do check out ;-). We then were told to be on at the original performing area in minutes. I think we were surprised to be performing twice and since we were warmed out why not.. We rushed back to the changing room to get cleaned up and thankfully by this time the last darkette made it. This meant new formations again ( AHHHHH ) .

When we arrived at the next perform area ( a circle marked out in the grass) with a boombox.. Now this answered a question I have pondered many many times. How many belly dancers does it take to get a boombox to work.. The answer at least 6 1 to be actually useful and 5 to look confused ;-). Once we had the songs blaring out ( well I say blaring out that might be an over exaggeration) we had to draw in crowd.. This we done street style we swaggered around until the curious started to be drawn in like bees to honey . Once we had a crowd, We found ourselves getting ready to perform. This performance went alot smoother despite trying to spin on a stick ( I do not recommend this) and the sun beaming into our faces we had a pretty good following when we took our final bow..faery 1

I guess what we all learned from this day is despite the heat and our faces melting Outdoor events is a great chance to practice our performing skills, No matter how much the sun blinds you, Costumes try escape, Holes try to eat you up you need to just keep on smiling, A smile goes so much further then you think.. I guess a little bit like fairy dust ;-).

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