The Belly Dancer

Darkstar Dance Company will be performing a 1 hour show ‘The Belly Dancer’ at Etcetera theatre as part of the camden fringe festival Fri 9th, Sat 10th,  Sun 11th August.

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Press Release

The Belly Dancer

Shaman, oracle, alchemist – sorcerer, priestess, witch

We are all these things and more. We are beauty, the forbidden,  living moving art, spellbinding and hypnotic.  The ancient art of belly dance passed down through generations, capturing its audience and transporting them back to a bygone era through the power and strength of physical muscular movement and rhythms. Speaking only through the physical body and needing no words it has forever been considered a spiritual dance with healing properties.

Today, a new breed of belly dancer has evolved, fusing dance styles from around the world to create passionate and dynamic routines incorporating elements of Flamenco, Hip Hop, Classical Indian and gypsy dances.  At its core there remains the fundamental movements of Middle Eastern belly dance with eclectic costuming and music, empowering the dancer through female sensuality, spirituality and personality.

‘The Belly Dancer’ is an experience in Modern Fusion Dance, an exciting and edgy  show which pushes the creative boundaries and common ideas on this beautiful dance form. Powerful and hypnotic ‘The Belly Dancer’ represents a highly skilled art form that commands respect, emanates beauty and will change your perception of bellydance forever.

Directed and Choreographed by renowned international performer Darkstar and featuring dancers from the UK fusion bellydance scene along with Darkstars own troupe ‘Team Darkstar’.

Darkstar credits include annual bellydance festival and theatre show Dark Britannia exploring the darker side of dance.

Audience quotes.

“I loved it, each group/individual was like an actor playing a part tailored to him/her.  Each of them put soul, heart and mind to it so much that it transferred onto me. At some points I could feel the hair on my skin standing up”

“I loved the originality of the whole show. It is not like anything else I have seen. Excellent. I Look forward to a next show”

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