UK Tribal Fusion DVD

UK Tribal Fusion DVD

The first Showcase DVD of UK Tribal dancers.
Featuring Darkstar along with Alexis Southall, Lynne Chapman (aka Fulya), Dawn O’Brien, Bex, and Beatrice Flowers
5 Instructional sections
6 performances
Alternative camera angle options.

£15 + £2 UK P&P (contact me for non- UK postage calculation)

Message from Darkstar

In my section of this DVD you will learn a dynamic tutting routine.
Tutting is the ability to create angular and creative shapes with the hands and arms to add illusion to your dance and mystify your audience. It is one of the many facets of the street dance style “Popping” which I now fuse into my belly dancing to create exciting and up beat routines. Suitable for complete beginners to tutting I take you through this step by step guide on how to create clean tutting shapes starting off slow and building up the pace with a challenging but fun routine.

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